We’re Open for Business!

We are incredibly grateful for the outpouring of support that has been shown to us and the other Virginia wineries during the shut down. Things are not quite yet back to normal but we are pleased to announce that we are permitted to open our grounds for guests once again starting on Friday, 5/29.

Until we can adjust to our new systems in place, we will ask that all guests make a reservation. There is NO FEE at this time to reserve but we ask that you please only reserve if you can join us , and that you cancel if you cannot. We are charged a booking fee, even though we are not collecting anything monetary for reservations…and we are being very mindful with our expenses at this time as you can imagine.

How to Book:

Click Here to Book! Want to stay longer than the time slot you booked? Just book two slots. Easy…and accommodating. We want to to relax and enjoy! There are many location and time options to choose from! You’ll receive a confirmation and more info after you book.

The Process…What to Expect…and What We Ask of You

Arrival and Ordering Wine: We have gone to a system that lessens contact between the Breaux team and our guests. When you arrive at your designated time, you will be greeted at the pergola, checked in, and a tab will be started for you. You’ll be taken to you table and given a menu of wines and our lite fare options. The menu includes all information you’ll need to place an order. Each table is in a section and has a table number on it (EG: Nebbiolo Section / Table 1). When ready, you text us your 1. First and Last name on the Tab account, 2. Your section and table number, and 3. your order. We will then bring your order out to you. When you are ready to go, you just text the name, table, section, and the words “CLOSE TAB”. We will have staff on the grounds we well so if technology isn’t your thing, it’s okay (but please try this system before engaging a staff member. We have a need for 5x as many people than we did before and we don’t have them…and we are doing much more work to serve you). All done? Clear your table and exit…we miss you already! Your receipt will be printed of email – your choice. We will add a 20% gratuity to your tab. This can, of course, be increased or decreased or eliminated at your request.

Getting Trashed: Did we catch your attention? Good! It’s not what you think… but we are glad you’re still reading. We will be cleaning and sanitizing between guests and ask that you help us lower touch points by clearing your table of your disposable cups, bottles, food trash, etc for us. There are trash bins throughout the property. We truly appreciate your help! We will have case boxes by the trash bins for recycling.

We’ll Give you 100%…with less than 50%: To provide better service, safety, and sanitation, we are NOT opening up our grounds at the allowed 50% capacity. We are basing reservations on the service we can actually provide (and this has a pretty steep learning curve too). As we learn and adjust to the system, we expect to open up more areas of our property for seating. Please be patient! Feedback is welcomed too. That’s how we will grow effectively.

Masks…The Hot Topic! We know that mask wearing can a be high-conflict and sensitive topic, however,they must be worn inside (mandate) and we ask that you kindly wear them when you arrive at the check in area and when you are walking the grounds if you will be less than 6′ away from others. We hope you understand. If you cannot wear a mask for personal reasons, please be especially mindful of social distancing.

The Great Outdoors: Phase 1 limits us to only outdoor seating. The only indoor occupancy we can permit is within our restrooms which are accessed from outside of the building. Please come prepared for an outdoor experience (sunscreen, hat, etc). We have partially shaded areas that you can reserve and pop up tents are welcomed too. We have our covered patios currently reserved for Cellar Club and we will open them up to non-members based on quantity of reservations. Please let us know when you reserve as a non-member if you’d like to be on the contact list for those spaces. Want to join the Cellar Club? Click Here.

Ice, Ice ,Baby! and a Pic-a-nick...We are in the day and age of single-use service items. Please bring your cooler of ice to keep your wines cold. No chillers or ice will be handed out. Picnics are welcomed! Please don’t bring any outside alcohol though…it’s illegal and we really need your support with onsite purchases. Beer drinker? Stop by Old 690 (beer), Hillsborough Vineyards (beer and wine) or Notaviva Craft Beverages (beer and wine) before of after us…just don’t skip us. : ) They are all on our little trail and close by.

Keeping it Clean: We will close our restrooms for cleaning and sanitizing every hour. Our staff will practice proper handwashing and sanitizing between interactions and we will clean out ipads between transactions as well. High touch points will be cleaned and disinfected regularly as will tables between guests. Our team has signed off on safety procedures and health-check procedures, will not report to work if ill, and has been trained on guidelines for safety and sanitation.

Groups: Groups of up to 6 may make a reservation. If you have more than 6 , please call 540-668-6299. We are NOT permitted to have groups of more than 10 people at one table. We are also NOT permitted to have groups of more than ten spread out to other tables. So, basically, no more than than ten total in any group. Don’t book two reservations for one group under one name. That’s a no-no. : )

Sharing is not always Caring: Please do not come to visit us if you are ill, exhibit any signs of illness that are otherwise explainable (allergies etc), have a fever, or have been exposed to a COVID+ person and did not quarantine for the 14 day limit. We will do the same for you.

7 Days…7 Days a Week! We are open daily! During the week we do expect to be slower and will open up our covered areas to all guests. Please call us is you are not a Cellar Club member to check on space. We will always do our best to make ALL guests happy.

Thank you for your support, for your interesting in joining us, and for your love of Virginia wine. From my family and our team here, we extend sincere our heartfelt and sincere gratitude.


Jen Breaux and Your Breaux Team

Read about our pledge to serve you safely !