Tasting Room Support Staff

Job Summary:

The Tasting Room Support position reports directly to the Tasting Room Manager and is the backbone of the business.  Without this Support position, the business would not run smoothly and efficiently.  This position is tasked with providing support to the tasting room by insuring the care and cleanliness of tasting room spaces, glassware and food service items used in the tasting room and for Breaux Vineyards events events.


Job Duties:

  • Tasting Room
    • Restocking wine
    • Restocking food and drinks
    • Restocking cutting boards and knives near retail area
    • Restocking paper plates, utensils, and napkins in the tasting room
    • Wiping down tables inside and outside
    • Busing dirty glasses
    • Restocking clean glasses
    • Restocking bathroom paper towels and toilet paper
    • Rearranging patio and hillside furniture at the end of the day
    • Help set up or break down overflow tasting areas, as needed
  • Kitchen
    • Baking baguettes
    • Keeping the kitchen clean
    • Washing dishes
    • Wrapping and storing all glasses, plates and utensils at the end of the night
  • Cleaning
    • Mopping kitchen, bathroom and tasting room at the end of the weekend (or when needed)
    • Sweeping the tasting room and patio
    • Collecting the trash from the kitchen, tasting room, bathrooms and outside barrels and taking to dumpsters out back
    • Breaking down boxes for recycle
    • Taking cardboard and glass out to recycle dumpsters


  • Follow the detailed protocol for washing the Riedel tasting glasses
    • Carefully place dirty glasses in specified racks
    • Run through dishwasher with clean water
    • Thoroughly dry and polish glasses and place them in clean glass rack
  • Regularly check tasting room for racks of dirty glasses
    • Behind tasting bar
    • In specified bins in tasting room
    • On tables in both the tasting room and outdoor areas
    • In specified bins outside on property
  • Regularly restock the racks of clean tasting glasses
    • Behind tasting bar
    • Behind retail
  • Events
    • Dirty plates and silverware need to be picked up often and washed/dried in the same manner as the glasses
    • Clean plates are stored in cloth containers and the silverware in clear bins with lids.
      • Plates are to be returned to these containers after each wash and dry.  When putting the dishes away, they must be stacked and separated by either the cloths provided or paper towels.
  • Cutting boards and knives
    • Should be cleaned and dried
    • Stored in bins in the kitchen
    • Should be restocked in the tasting room when needed


  • Not only do the glasses need to be restocked, but other items will need to be check frequently in the tasting room.
  • The main item is the wine. Wine will need to be stocked behind the tasting bar in the wall units and in two refrigerators. During the busy months, these may need to be restocked more than once a day.
  • When restocking any wines, make sure you are reading the names and dates on the wines correctly. There may be a couple different years for any one type of wine (i.e., Merlot 2005 vs. Merlot 2006).
  • Wine is also kept by the case in a Bourbon Street House behind the tasting bar. These must be ordered through a manager before moving into the room. Once again, be careful of the dates on the wines.
  • Please work with the Tasting Room Manager for restocking other locations on the Tasting Room floor.
  • We have a food refrigerator on the floor by retail. The refrigerator holds water, sodas and individual serving foods (i.e. cheese, dips, spreads and salami). This is restocked from the large refrigerator in the kitchen.


  • We have an oven in the kitchen to cook baguettes.  The baguettes are stored in the large freezer in the kitchen.  Set the temperature to 350 degrees and bake for 7 minutes (use the buzzer so someone can hear if you have to leave the kitchen)
  • Cooked bread should be placed in a single bottle bag and then placed in the basket in the tasting room


Qualifications & Education:

The most important qualifications for this position are a willingness to work hard and attention to detail. An ability to take direction and complete tasks in a timely fashion is also very important. The selected candidate should be able to lift up to 30lbs.

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