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Breaux Vineyards COVID-19 Update

Enhanced Measures

We are strictly following all guidelines and best practices as established by CDC, VA Department of Health, and Governor Northam of Virginia.  We will continue to modify our policies as the guidelines change. As always, the safety and comfort of our guests and employees is our top priority, and our enhanced measures for guests and employees are listed below. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Staff Health and Protocol, Guest Engagement and Social Distancing


Our staff has been through extensive training on COVID-19 safety protocol and procedures. Each member has signed off on the acknowledgment of this training. Regular updates and safety reminders are provided to staff on a weekly basis. 

Breaux Vineyards has completed the “9 Steps to Compliance” in the work place as mandated by Governor Ralph as part of his response to COVID-19. 

Our staff will always wear face-covering before entering the building and when at work. All kitchen staff will wear gloves. Handwashing will be frequent and thorough. 

Staff members self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 daily and will not report to work if they are ill. We have a thorough response plan for our staff should they become ill at work. 

We have 6 designated Health and Safety Officers who are employed at Breaux Vineyards to ensure that our staff and guests are safe and that we are compliant with all mandates. 


We have distanced seating both inside and outside for guests. 

We have distance markers on the floor and plexiglass barriers at the bar

Wine, food, flights, etc may be ordered at the bar. No wine or food may be consumed at the bar and must be taken to your table. 

Group sizes are limited per requirements. No groups over 6 are permitted in the tasting room. 

Larger groups who have reserved seating outside or in our events room must all be present before they are seated so that the host can bring all parties to the table at one time. We will ask you to wait at the entrance to your designated area so that we may greet you and escort you to your table.

Once at your table, your party will not be seated six feet from each other. 

You will be required to wear face coverings at all times unless you are seated. 

We do not allow anyone under 21 inside the building except for restroom use.

Dogs are only permitted outside in our grassy areas only at this time. 

If you have any symptoms of Coronavirus or if you have been in contact with someone recently who has tested positive for Coronavirus or is suspected of having Coronavirus, you are not permitted to visit Breaux Vineyards. 

Any guest who refuses to adhere to the mandates or our policies while visiting will be asked to leave the property. 

Enhanced Sanitation and Safety Practices

We have posted mask reminders and Coronavirus information signage at winery entrances and throughout our grounds, buildings. 

We have regularly scheduled disinfection of all tasting room surfaces including doorknobs, light switches, counters, deli case doors, bathrooms and other high-touch and high use areas.

We are offering hand sanitizer throughout the building and at our points of entrance

We are sanitizing all seating areas at the conclusion of use.  

We have placed signage recommended by the CDC in our public restrooms to remind guests to wash their hands.

Wine bottles are handled by tasting room staff only and will not contact a guest’s glass.

Communal wine “dump buckets” have been removed. If you’d like a personal dump bucket, please ask a tasting room associate and a disposable vessel will be provided. 

We are using disposable cups, cutlery, plates, etc. If you have made a reservation for seating or a tasting, you will be given a logo wine glass upon arrival. This is yours to keep. 

If you have any questions, please contact us. Info@BreauxVineyards.com 540-668-6299

While visiting, if you feel unsafe at any time, please ask for a manager. We are here to help.