Jennifer Breaux

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President & General Manager (540) 668-6299

Jennifer Breaux is the President and General Manager of Breaux Vineyards.

Growing up on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, a popular vacation destination, lead to her lifelong passion for hospitality and tourism. During her childhood, she witnessed her father build Sun Realty, the most successful real estate company on the Outer Banks, from humble beginnings, and from there gained her work ethic and sprit for entrepreneurship. Helping her mother cater for staff gatherings and parties at Sun Realty, she expanded her passion for service, hospitality, and cuisine. She spent the 16 years prior to joining the Virginia wine industry working in fine dining restaurants honing her palate for quality wine, the foods they pair with, and the role they play in hospitality, sales, and marketing.

In 2005 Jennifer took over day to day operations at Breaux Vineyards from her father, Paul Breaux. Since then she has established herself as an industry expert in social media and entrepreneurship. She is a public speaker on the subject of VA wine and the wine industry on both the west and east coasts as well as business leadership, women in business, and the topic of public safety and illicit drug use.  Jennifer is also a certified TIPS instructor (Training for Intervention Procedures) and trains her team at Breaux Vineyards in addition to  staff from other local wineries, breweries, distilleries,  Inns, and restaurants. She has served on the board of directors on the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce, is she currently as the Vice President of the Virginia Wineries Association, and has served on many other local boards.

She is the second generation to take part in the family winery, which is proudly touted by the Breaux clan as “100% Cajun owned and operated”.  She has 3 children, all boys, and 2 bonus children  (one boy and one girl) and has high hopes that they will be the third generation to join the VA wine industry some day. She has 2 Maine Coon rescue cats, Annie and Oliver.

Jennifer is also the founder of Tight Lines for Lives, a 501c-3. The Mission of Tight Lines is to prevent illicit drug use and development of substance disorders and drug induced loss of life in youth and young adults, and to provide support to youth and young adults with substance abuse disorders through the education of both individuals and communities, by providing resources and financial assistance for addiction treatment, and by partnering with other charities and programs that promote drug free lifestyle. Along with her children and husband, she also co-owns Together Farms, a farm that grown a variety of flowers and fruit bearing trees on a 7 acre parcel that is contiguous with the property on Breaux Vineyards.

Her passions and loves are intertwined in her work with family being above all.