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Sweet Wine Tasting: Say Goodbye to Summer

Sweet Wine Tasting Breaux Vineyards
Date: 09/15/2018 Time: 2:00pm, 1:00pm, 2:00pm Event Type: breaux

We aren’t ready for summer to be over! To hang on to one last piece of summer we are doing a specialty sweet wine tasting before we dive into the robust reds of fall and winter. Tastings areΒ $20 – $18 for Cellar Club membersΒ Reserve Your Tasting Here.Β 

This will also be the release day for our Lineage White Port – bonus wine!Β This is a rare opportunity to taste our Lineage White Port – sweet wine lovers rejoice!

This specialty sweet wine tasting will include:Β 

Equation White: Our everyday white blend expresses subtle floral and citrus notes.

2016 Jennifer’s Jambalaya: Intense tropical and honeyed aromas with some light florals, born to pair with Cajun food!

2016 Chere Marie: Similar to a German-style Riesling, pairs well with spicy and salty foods.

2016 Orleans: A summery sweet Vidal Blanc.

2016 Lineage Port: Dark, port style wine. Juicy, fruity and sweet with a chocolatey finish.

Lineage White Port: Bright aromas of tropical fruit, ripe pineapple, honey and a little nuttiness are the most intense.

Love sweet wines? We will be offering an additional 5% off ourΒ regularΒ bottle discounts for any of these wines purchased after this tasting.Β