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Live Music – Eric Selby & Deane Kern

Date: 07/18/2021 Time: 2pm-5pm Event Type: live

Dean is sings about truths, but often not directly. He writes to represent the world he is living in, as he experiences it. Names, topics, points of view may be disordered, but often the narratives seek to reveal larger truths. The lyrics are shaped, discussed, forged and then re-forged, and then somehow made to fit syllables. He tries to make music which tells the truth.

When not being a single Dad to four awesome daughters, Eric is spoiling his dog and cat (who thinks he’s a dog). He is a sought-after artist and producer, multi-instrumentalist. After many years behind both the drumkit and mixing board, Eric has stepped out front, releasing his first solo, original music in 2020, including the “Do, Baby.” EP, as well as two singles: “Anxious Zen” and “Another Page.” For 2021, in anticipation of his upcoming record, Eric has released the third single, “Orbit.”